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To log in to databases from off campus:

Click on a database name in the list at left.

Students :  Username = lastname.firstname : Password = ccm plus 7 digit student ID

Faculty/Staff :  Username = same as CCM mail : Password = same as CCM mail

What is a scholarly journal?

Scholarly journals are more credible than general periodicals. When looking for a scholarly journal keep these criteria in mind:

  • The journal is published by an institute, university, or professional association.
  • The journal uses an editorial board comprising subject experts who review and recommend changes in the articles before they are published.
  • Authors are experts in their fields which is often evident from their affiliations.
  • The language of the article is technical and may contain terminology specific to the discipline.
  • The text of the article often includes graphs, charts, tables, and a statement of research methodology.
  • The articles contain bibliographic references to research sources.
  • The articles are often indexed in a specialized index.

New / Trial Databases

We are not evaluating any trial resources at this time.

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