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Archives at County College of Morris: Home

CCM Archives - Learning Resource Center

CCM Archives collects and houses historical materials that are relevant to County College of Morris. Collected materials are either produced by County College of Morris departments, faculty or staff or published elsewhere but where County College of Morris is the subject (e.g. news clippings, reports, etc.).  

Materials include yearbooks, newsletters, course catalogs, diaries, photos, buildings plans, promotional materials, mementos, clippings, minutes, student newspapers, staff and faculty publications, performances (film, DVD and VHS), manuscripts, etc. Arrangement and Record Groups are listed  below.

Formats include paper files, photos, videotape, DVD, U-Matic cassettes, audio cassettes, 8mm and 16mm film, reel-to-reel recordings, electronic documents, and various artifacts. The Archives also houses CCM memorabilia and souvenirs such as promotional t-shirts, hats, badges, signs, mugs, performance posters, etc.

Donations of CCM-related materials are very welcome. Please consider donating materials for posterity as you clear or reorganize offices. Standardized descriptions/listings of materials are entered into a database for easy retrieval. 

Archival materials may be accessed by appointment. Please call Jane Kingsland at 973.328.5308 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, please call the Library information desk at 973.328.5300.

Of interest in CCM Archives' visual media collection:

  • Chanceman's Brothers and sisters (papers and intervews).

                    View the film and description below.

  • Astronaut John Glenn spoke at CCM in 1972. Use the link below to listen.
  • Great Swamp Poetry series
  • Speaker: Ralph Nader
  • Speaker: Allan Ginsburg
  • Speaker: Elizabeth Bishop

Please note: We do not collect nor provide access to private, confidential materials.

Record Group descriptions

Archives Record Group arrangement:

RG 1 Governance - includes CCCCNJ, Board of Trustees - Minutes and Freeholders.

RG 2 College Governance - CCM Board of Trustees includes individual Trustees and ephemera.

RG 3 Office of the President - includes annual reports, photos, individual Presidents, Middle States, College Council, master plans.

RG 4 Official publications of the College - CCMemo, Youngtown Edition, MUSE, Promethean, class schedules, course catalogs, student handbooks, Commencement, directories, etc.

RG 5 Division of Academic Affairs - Annual reports, individual Deans, VPs, Division of Corporate and Community programs, Center for Teaching Excellence, Educational Opportunity Fund, etc.

RG 6 Academic divisions

RG 7 Faculty/Staff - Programs, Committees, unions, individual faculty/staff manuscripts, publications, reports, etc.

RG 8 Student Development - Athletics, Honor Societies, Child Care Center, Registrar, Testing, Admissions, Career Services, Campus Life, etc.

RG 9 Division of Business and Finance - Plant and Maintenance, Security and Safety, Purchasing, Human Resources, etc.

RG 10 Division of Advancement & Planning/CCM Foundation - College Information Service photos, special events, maps, College Relations Office, CCM Foundation, Speakers' Bureau, Institutional research, etc.

RG 11 Miscellaneous - Special programs, anniversaries, Dalrymple family, Tal Streeter, local history, etc.

RG 12 LRC - Director - Morris County Libraries, Rosie the Riveter, etc.

RG 13 LRC - Library - Reports, publications, Library instruction, Archives, Inter-library loan, CASE, etc.

RG 14 LRC - Media (Instructional Media) Art Gallery, minutes, memos, publications, reports, videos, campus TV, etc.

RG 15 Visual Media - Over 1400 audio-visual recordings of events, performances, lectures, presentations, commencements, poetry readings, etc. Of interest : Great Swamp poetry readings including Allen Ginsberg, Elizabeth Bishop, Speakers Dick Gregory, Ralph Nader, John Glenn, CCM Dance, poetry, student protests, etc. Formats include DVD, reel-to.reel, U-Matic cassettes, VHS, audio cassettes.

Please note: Materials above are continually listed and searchable in a database.

CCM History exhibits

CCM's 50th Anniversary 1968-2018 - Photos and videos of our first fifty years!

CCM's 40th Anniversary, 2008

Rosie the Riveter Exhibit, 2008

Other Archives - Local, State, National & International