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Best Practices in Developmental English: Resources for Faculty


Overview of Effective Teaching Strategies

Overview of Effective Strategies and Terms

A glossary of terms commonly used in developmental education strategy, such as "Acceleration", "Contextualized Teaching and Learning", and "Multi-Modal Instructions"

Teaching Activities

Bank of usable teaching activities in writing and related skills, such as analyzing one's audience, focusing on a topic, developing an argument, and working with sources. Includes discussion starters, class activities, and small group activities. Activities are available online and downloadable in a variety of formats.

Additional Teaching Resources

Resource guide by Conference on College Compositions & Communication includes syllabi and assignment models, assignment banks, tutorials and guides for class planning and management, bibliographies and other resources.

Determining Learning Objectives

Determining Learning Objectives

The "Differentiator" online tool makes it easy to create well-structured learning objectives, based on Bloom's Taxonomy. Draw from suggested concepts to describe the skills students will acquire and the methods they will use to demonstrate their abilities.

Learning Outcomes Resources

Additional resources on Bloom's Taxonomy, critical thinking, thinking skills in popular culture, scaffolding of skills, and learning outcomes

Resources for Teaching Writing

Practical tips from a faculty member at the George Mason Stearns Center for Teaching and Writing

Writing Resources for Students

Extensive set of tips for students in understanding the writing process and improving their skills. Addresses specific types of writing assignments and contexts; grammar, citation, and punctuation questions; incorporating introductions, conclusions, and transitions; writing for specific subject fields and more