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Library Information: Archives-Organization

Record Group descriptions

Archives Record Group arrangement:

RG 1 Governance - includes CCCCNJ, Board of Trustees - Minutes and Freeholders.

RG 2 College Governance - CCM Board of Trustees includes individual Trustees and ephemera.

RG 3 Office of the President - includes annual reports, photos, individual Presidents, Middle States, College Council, master plans.

RG 4 Official publications of the College - CCMemo, Youngtown Edition, MUSE, Promethean, class schedules, course catalogs, student handbooks, Commencement, directories, etc.

RG 5 Division of Academic Affairs - Annual reports, individual Deans, VPs, Division of Corporate and Community programs, Center for Teaching Excellence, Educational Opportunity Fund, etc.

RG 6 Academic divisions

RG 7 Faculty/Staff - Programs, Committees, unions, individual faculty/staff manuscripts, publications, reports, etc.

RG 8 Student Development - Athletics, Honor Societies, Child Care Center, Registrar, Testing, Admissions, Career Services, Campus Life, etc.

RG 9 Division of Business and Finance - Plant and Maintenance, Security and Safety, Purchasing, Human Resources, etc.

RG 10 Division of Advancement & Planning/CCM Foundation - College Information Service photos, special events, maps, College Relations Office, CCM Foundation, Speakers' Bureau, Institutional research, etc.

RG 11 Miscellaneous - Special programs, anniversaries, Dalrymple family, Tal Streeter, local history, etc.

RG 12 LRC - Director - Morris County Libraries, Rosie the Riveter, etc.

RG 13 LRC - Library - Reports, publications, Library instruction, Archives, Inter-library loan, CASE, etc.

RG 14 LRC - Media (Instructional Media) Art Gallery, minutes, memos, publications, reports, videos, campus TV, etc.

RG 15 Visual Media - Over 1400 audio-visual recordings of events, performances, lectures, presentations, commencements, poetry readings, etc. Of interest : Great Swamp poetry readings including Allen Ginsberg, Elizabeth Bishop, Speakers Dick Gregory, Ralph Nader, John Glenn, CCM Dance, poetry, student protests, etc. Formats include DVD, reel-to.reel, U-Matic cassettes, VHS, audio cassettes.

Please note: Materials above are continually listed and searchable in a database.