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To legally use or share works in any format, you must determine the copyright status of the work, obtain any needed permissions from the copyright holder prior to use, and limit applications to permitted uses.

These resources will help you consider copyright terms, Fair Use, the TEACH Act and other relevant factors.

Copyright law can be complex. If you have questions, please contact the CCM Library; librarians cannot give legal advice, but they can help you find resources on copyright issues.

Copyright Basics

Fair Use

Fair Use allows copyrighted material to be used to a limited extent for “transformative” purposes such as commentary, review, criticism or parody, and can allow for limited use of works for educational purposes. Determining whether use of a work may fall under fair use requires evaluating the purpose, nature, amount and effect of the intended use.

Copyright Terms and Public Domain

In general, a work should be assumed to be under copyright unless it is in the public domain or is covered by a Creative Commons license or other public copyright license.


The TEACH Act is a section of the copyright act that pertains to online instruction; it provides some copyright exceptions for the limited transmission of performed or visual works.

CCM Copyright Policy

Approved by County College of Morris Board of Trustees July 19, 2017


In an era increasingly defined by exponential advances in technology by which intellectual property may be disseminated with increasing ease, the County College of Morris (“CCM” or “the College”) expects its students, faculty and staff to restrict use of copyrighted works to uses and applications permissible in an academic setting.

The College maximizes the utility of web-based technologies to advance instruction and study both in the classroom and through remote learning opportunities. However, students and faculty must remain mindful that improper use or dissemination of copyrighted work can lead to substantial liability. Accordingly, the College requires that all faculty, administrators, students, employees and members of the CCM family maintain a good faith observance of the principles of copyright law and adhere to the requirements of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. §§ 101-810 (the “Act”).



By accessing Blackboard, I certify that I am a CCM student, instructor, faculty member, employee or other user authorized by CCM to access Blackboard. I acknowledge and agree that my access to Blackboard, including any posting or downloading of content is governed by federal copyright law and the terms of this Declaration. Any copyrighted material(s) that I upload to, download from, or otherwise access or make available on Blackboard, whether visual, audio-visual, or audial in nature, shall be for use solely by CCM students, faculty or other authorized users. My use shall be for purposes directly related to a regularly scheduled CCM course of study and may not be used or disseminated for any other purpose. Access to copyrighted materials posted on, uploaded to or otherwise made accessible to CCM users of the Blackboard system shall expire at the conclusion of the course to which the material corresponds. CCM’s complete Copyright Policy may be accessed here .