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Finding Fiction : Find Books Similar to a Favorite Title

The Novelist Reader's Advisory Database

Go to the New Jersey State Library's databases at

Scroll down and click on NOVELIST

Click on Access Database


Type in a book title or an author in the search box. Click Search.

From the Results List, click on the edition that is closest to the book title.

On the right side, look at the column of "Read-Alikes".  Take note of the author and book title.

Sroll down to the "Search for More" section.  Select various descriptors, such as Genre, Theme, Writing Style, Tone, Subject, Character, etc.

Click Search for additional suggestions.



From the Novelist Home Screen, on the left side, look at the "Recommended Reads Lists".  Limit by Genre for a list.

From the Novelist Home Screen, click on "Appeal Combos".   Limit by Character, Pace, Tone, Writing Style, etc.

For a short demonstration, click on the screencast below.

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